Feeding the World One Seed at a Time: A Practical Alternative for Solving World Hunger

Tenente, Frank | January 1, 2007

This paper explores the effectiveness of current foreign aid food programs in providing underdeveloped countries, particularly Sub-Saharan Africa, with the ability to solve hunger within those countries. More specifically, this paper advocates for the integration of genetically modified agricultural seeds into current foreign food aid programs. The science behind genetically modified seeds is briefly explored, along with the international covenants and declarations that deal with the “right to food.” This paper discusses the advantages of providing genetically modified agricultural seeds to rural farming communities within Sub-Saharan Africa, and how such food aid would curb hunger levels in those countries. As an alternative to current foreign food aid programs, this paper advocates for the international community to forge a partnership with agribusiness corporations, that produce genetically modified agricultural seeds, in order to provide Sub-Saharan farming communities with genetically modified agricultural seeds. The paper refers to this program as “The GM Seeds for Africa” plan.